Google Hacks Internet Browser Privacy!

Google is apparently up to malicious activity.  They’ve managed to force several web browsers to accept cookies that allow them to secretly track the users activity.  Seriously?  Yep, Google just might be getting too big for it’s own good.  This is one of those cases where a company is so big, that they think they can do anything.  Even if they didn’t mean any harm by it?

I’m beginning to question if Google even has it’s customers best interest at heart?  This is a major flaw, not only in the Web Browsers, but in Google’s Ethics.  Does Google have any more Ethics left?  Do they have any Morals left?  This is merely one incident of the Web Browser.  The Web Browsers Google hacked were: Internet Explorer and Safari.  Chances are, there are others, chances are, users of Google Chrome, are being watched.

If you thought Facebook invaded your privacy, this is a big thing.  Yet another reason to stay away from Google Chrome.  Here is an excerpt from the article….

“If you read the recent reports that explain how Google exploited a flaw in Apple’s mobile browser to potential spy on its users, you might have wondered if you were among the victims. As it turns out, engineers at Microsoft pondered the same thing.

Now following revelations that Google sent scripts to the mobile version of Apple’s Safari application to keep tracks on its users, the programmers behind Microsoft’s Internet Explorer are learning that they were else impacted by the flaw.

A researcher at Stanford University recently identified an attempt by Google in which the company bypassed the privacy settings of users of the popular Apple Safari browser by means of forcing the app to accept a small cookie file that they could then watch to monitor online activity. Not only did the maneuver allow Google to exploit millions of users of competing products, but it also meant that millions potentially had their Internet history unknowingly monitored by the search engine giants.”

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Have You Been Eating Real Ramen?

Many people have had Ramen Noodles.  You know what I’m talking about, the kind of noodles that you buy in the store.  The instant kind.  I wonder how many people have had real Ramen Noodles.  I know that I haven’t yet and I’m dying to try them.  I’m currently looking for a place in my area to try some.

What are real Ramen Noodles?  Well, they’re not instant that’s for sure.  Real Ramen Noodles are made with a real meat stock, have meat in them (like pork), and have other vegetables in them as well.  If you were to do a Google search for Ramen Noodles, you’d get back a bunch of mixed images, the majority of them looking a little something like this –

Now, there is nothing wrong with this kind of Ramen of course, especially if you’re on a budget.  I’ve eaten this brand of Ramen on numerous occasion and still do from time to time.  I’m just curious as to how the Real Ramen Noodles of Japan and the like areas taste.  I hope that one of the Japanese Steak Houses around here will have the Real Deal.  What do real Ramen Noodles look like?  Here is an example –