Google Hacks Internet Browser Privacy!

Google is apparently up to malicious activity.  They’ve managed to force several web browsers to accept cookies that allow them to secretly track the users activity.  Seriously?  Yep, Google just might be getting too big for it’s own good.  This is one of those cases where a company is so big, that they think they can do anything.  Even if they didn’t mean any harm by it?

I’m beginning to question if Google even has it’s customers best interest at heart?  This is a major flaw, not only in the Web Browsers, but in Google’s Ethics.  Does Google have any more Ethics left?  Do they have any Morals left?  This is merely one incident of the Web Browser.  The Web Browsers Google hacked were: Internet Explorer and Safari.  Chances are, there are others, chances are, users of Google Chrome, are being watched.

If you thought Facebook invaded your privacy, this is a big thing.  Yet another reason to stay away from Google Chrome.  Here is an excerpt from the article….

“If you read the recent reports that explain how Google exploited a flaw in Apple’s mobile browser to potential spy on its users, you might have wondered if you were among the victims. As it turns out, engineers at Microsoft pondered the same thing.

Now following revelations that Google sent scripts to the mobile version of Apple’s Safari application to keep tracks on its users, the programmers behind Microsoft’s Internet Explorer are learning that they were else impacted by the flaw.

A researcher at Stanford University recently identified an attempt by Google in which the company bypassed the privacy settings of users of the popular Apple Safari browser by means of forcing the app to accept a small cookie file that they could then watch to monitor online activity. Not only did the maneuver allow Google to exploit millions of users of competing products, but it also meant that millions potentially had their Internet history unknowingly monitored by the search engine giants.”

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Millions Of Internet Users May Be Without Internet

In the news, millions of people world wide had their computers infected by a DNS changing virus that effectively changed the website the viewer was trying to go to, into a malicious site.  The people who created the virus were arrested by the FBI, but that doesn’t change the fact that many people who were infected by it, have yet to do anything about it.  Here is a excerpt from the article:

“Millions of computer users across the world could be blocked off from the Internet as early as March 8 if the FBI follows through with plans to yank a series of servers originally installed to combat corruption.

Last year, authorities in Estonia apprehended six men believed responsible for creating a malicious computer script called the DNSChanger Trojan. Once set loose on the Web, the worm corrupted computers in upwards of 100 countries, including an estimated 500,000 in America alone. The US Federal Bureau of Investigation later stepped up by replacing the rogue Trojan with servers of their own in an attempt to remediate the damage, but the fix was only temporary. Now the FBI is expected to end use of those replacement servers as early as next month and, at that point, the Internet for millions could essentially be over.”

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